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Make up your maps

Discover the power of maps for your online communication. Most graphic and geo-graphic contents can be displayed with maps. It's clearer than a wordy content, fun and involving for your visitors. With HtmlMapMaker, simply 'draw' clickable hotspots on the map and add visual js effects to enrich the user experience.

  1. Choose a picture for background of your map
  2. Translate and rotate map items using powerful geometrical transformation tools
  3. Draw areas - as if you were back in primary school - or sniff html areas directly from the web
  4. Add javascript effects on click and mouse hover

You're done!

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Import pictures  - JPEG, PNG, GIF format - and PDF files into professional flip books. Create great promotional and marketing support on your DNN portals : leaflets, portfolios, catalogs, brochures, fact sheets... Display them on all devices, PC, tablets, smartphones. 

Click' flip

Import images in an HTML 5 book or use Flash. Create your pages or import PDF and ZIP files. Add a toolbar including Zoom, Thumbnail view, hard cover, flipping sounds, tearable pages...

Import PDF

PageFlip will import PDF files on 32 and 64 bit OS. Watch online tutorial.

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Because they are exhaustive, form builders on DotNetNuke sometimes make it hard to build a simple form. That is why we created SimpleSignIn, a simple form builder for everyone to assemble the needed fiedls in an elegant layout. Contact, Subscription, Registration, Feedback, Call for Donations forms are made in a few clicks. Designed for non-developers, this module offers a wide range of fields, controls and services plus an intuitive tool box to create forms. Made simple for you.

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