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Friendlier URL Provider

Free to rewrite

Ever wanted more freedom to rewrite your urls on DNN? Friendlier Url Provider has a strategy per page and module so that you can implement advanced rewriting policies. De-composed into blocks -called rewriting groups - Urls are re-assembled by the module so that every bit of the url can be siginificant - and valuable - to your customers and crawler engines such as Google.

What is so 'friendly' ?

FUP comes with default strategies so that you get immediate rewriting once installed on your portal. It does some basic substitutions b default such as:

  • Tab Id => Tab Name
  • Module Id => Module Title

Added value comes when you start creating your own. Simply edit an existing strategy to get the rewriting behavior you need. For an article, you may want the title and category name included within the Url. For a forum post, the forum name, the thread name and the scope are the valuable information to place within every url of the module. For a custom module where standard rewriting won't work properly, FUP analyzes custom urls to re-compose them intelligenty on the fly.

Make your own experience for 30 days with the trial version. And see how fun & creative URL rewriting can be!

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Lucene Search

Based on the open source information retrieval library Lucene, LuceneSearch extends the capabilities of the native DNN search. Hot news, popular posts, wikis, galleries, videos, Office and PDF documents... In the twinkling of an eye, get the 10 best hits for your search within the autocomplete window. And use the advanced search interface to narrow down your query. Search on a wider scale with LuceneSearch. The only provider-based search engine for DNN.


When the native DNN search only cares for a limited number of fields, LuceneSearch makes sure each searchable module is fully indexed.

When a module doesn't expose its search data the way you want, you can create a specific provider. It will fill in the index with the correct parameters instead of the default ones. For example, many modules don't use the DNN Taxonomy system yet.


A module is not searchable? With a custom provider, you can explain to LuceneSearch what information should be retrieved without modifying the module. So you can add search capabilities from outside the module!

You can write plugins to the system that will query whichever datasource and let you add the results to your website's search engine. By default, it integrates your PDF documents into its search results. If you have the correct tools installed, it can also read the content of Office files on your DNN portal.


LuceneSearch lets you design your search interface through templates, from search criteria to results.

Personalize the layout of the results according to the module they come from. For instance, you can apply a specific template to all Text/Html results in the results list !

In addition, you can also highlight the search criteria matched within a result.

Make your own experience with the Lite version. And see how performant your searches get when they're powered with LuceneSearch !

Aricie LuceneSearch

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