The DNN Expert for your web project

Your idea deserves the best code

As a Certified Microsoft partner, Aricie has designed a development architecture around the DotNet technology and the open source portal DNN Software. In order to optimize the design process on each project, we use a variety of professional tools such as VISIO,  PowerAMC or even  RationalRose. We also take advantage of the power of the Entity/Relational mapper LLBLGen Pro for the  business and presentation layers. The applications we create are compatible with many databases such as Oracle, SqlServer, SyBase, MYSQL on the basis of personnalised providers.

For over 6 years, ARICIE has focused and developed an expertise on this environment. With the help of partnerships with prominent Engineeering Schools and Universities (especially the LIRIS lab), we have become recognized experts in the domain and developped system tools in partnerships with the ANVAR.