The DNN Expert for your web project

What is it ?

Based on the open source information retrieval library Lucene, LuceneSearch extends the capabilities of the native DNN search. Hot news, popular posts, wikis, galleries, videos, Office and PDF documents... In the twinkling of an eye, get the 10 best hits for your search within the autocomplete window. And use the advanced search interface to narrow down your query. Search on a wider scale with LuceneSearch. The only provider-based search engine for DNN.


When the native DNN search only cares for a limited number of fields, LuceneSearch makes sure each searchable module is fully indexed.

When a module doesn't expose its search data the way you want, you can create a specific provider. It will fill in the index with the correct parameters instead of the default ones. For example, many modules don't use the DNN Taxonomy system yet.


A module is not searchable? With a custom provider, you can explain to LuceneSearch what information should be retrieved without modifying the module. So you can add search capabilities from outside the module!

You can write plugins to the system that will query whichever datasource and let you add the results to your website's search engine. By default, it integrates your PDF documents into its search results. If you have the correct tools installed, it can also read the content of Office files on your DNN portal.


LuceneSearch lets you design your search interface through templates, from search criteria to results.

Personalize the layout of the results according to the module they come from. For instance, you can apply a specific template to all Text/Html results in the results list !

In addition, you can also highlight the search criteria matched within a result.

Make your own experience with the Lite version. And see how performant your searches get when they're powered with LuceneSearch !

Aricie LuceneSearch



  • A unique autocomplete engine for DotNetNuke
  • Skin object to include Lucene Search directly in your skin templates
  • Super fast JQuery-based autocomplete
  • Option to display content icons
  • Browser compatibility - IE7+ / Firefox / Chrome / Safari / Opera...
  • Custom fields - Select which data to display in the frame
  • Custom grouping - Group similar types of data (ie Movie and Picture-type files can be grouped under a single Media section)
  • Group and Item template - Add icons per type of data (ie PDF files can be identified by a PDF icon)
  • Enable highlights and personalize hit style
  • Set a minimum # of chars to enter in the search box
  • Results header

Lucene index

  • Search any type of content
  • Automatic search based on the DNN Search Administrator
  • Enrich your index with specific fields based on additional providers (see existing providers)
  • Make any module searchable without modifying it
  • Select the modules to search on the portal
  • Index PDF and Office files. Requires iFilters are installed on your server. 
  • Highlight results hits
  • Exact, partial or fuzzy search with approximation (%)
  • Lucene filters. You can prevent certains contents (pages, modules, fields...) from being indexed
  • Log indexation events


  • W3C compliant
  • Personalize Search and Results layouts for a stunning research interface
  • Add generic controls : 'Search' button, 'Reset' button, Panel controls, 'Print' button, Pager size ...
  • Search when pressing Enter key
  • Filter search results by module type
  • Filter search results by keyword
  • Filter search results  by date
  • Filter search results by category
  • Create your own custom filters
  • Localize your search
  • Filter search results by current user permission
  • Option to display a 'Return to results' button on detail page
  • Display results in a grid or a list
  • Enable paging
  • Enable grouping
  • Display results in same / different page
  • Step-by-step documentation


Release notes

    • Version 2.1.1
      • DNN 9.4.4 compatible
      • Fixes and improvements for the autocomplete feature of Aricie LuceneSearch skin object
    • Version 2.1.0
      • DNN 9.4.4 compatible
      • Code review and minors improvements
    • Version 2.0.0
      • Fix: works with DNN 9.1.1
      • Fix a bug regarding the number of items to return
    • Version 1.8.9
      • Fix: Search by synonym now works correctly
    • Version 1.8.8
      • Fix: Paging has been corrected when returning a limited amount of items
      • Fix: Portal ids different from 0 could cause problems in some cases
    • Version 1.8.7
      • Fix: works with DNN 8
    • Version 1.8.6
      • Fix: upgrade to PDFBox 1.8.9
      • Fix: css of the results list
      • Fixes and improvements regarding the log message for the scheduled task and the usage of the page/module culture.
    • Version 1.8.5
      • Fix: Highlight feature now works on DNN7 too
      • Evolution: The indexing now takes into account pages and modules which are disabled for it
    • Version 1.8.4
      • Fix: Accounting for module and page cultures when Content localization is enabled
      • Fix: Autocomplete regression
      • Fix: Removed exception when no IFilter is found
    • Version [1.8.3]
      • Rollback To .Net 3.5
      • Fix : Manage Exception in DNN7 Provider, Reflection optimization
      • Fix : Release indexation lock on manual indexing
      • Fix : Resx correction
      • Fix : Manual Indexing function is back
    • [1.8.1]
      • Important fix: Added a DNN package registration for the Lucene.Net library during install in order to prevent its deletion when uninstalling LuceneSearch
      • Fix: Patched the autocomplete to work with v1.10 of jQuery.UI
      • Fix: SearchSkinObject now fails less embarrasingly when something goes wrong with the LuceneSearch settings
      • Evolution: Provider for DNN 7.1 is a bit more efficient by not fetching settings for each module
    • [1.7.3]
      • Fix: Only one search engine thread indexing and storing data in the Lucene index can now be running at the same time, since some versions of DotNetNuke's scheduler can launch the same task multiple times
      • Fix: DMX Provider only returns items depending on the root path of the current DMX module analyzed
      • Changes to css files to narrow down selection when applying styles
      • Sort from filters are now applied and processed correctly
      • ImagePath added to all items to include custom image to every content
      • NewsArticle provider upgraded to retrieve categories and tags
      • Documentation changed to PDF
    • [1.7.1]
      • Switched back to unique provider for both DNN6 and DNN7 to avoid dependency on the .net Framework V4 when working with DNN7
      • Fix: icons for module actions now work correctly
      • Fix: read-only templates resource file cause the templates not to be rendered
      • Fix: module not working on version 5.x.x of DotNetNuke
      • Fix: dead link to lucene syntax in the online documentation has been corrected
      • Depends on Aricie.Shared 1.7.1
    • [1.7.0]
      • Warning. If you are using some content-based templates or locale-based templates, you will have to transfer them manually to the new template system. The upgrade process will take care of templates defined in the module settings but the way DotNetNuke handles resource files does not lend itself to the migration of other templates. If you have any question regarding the upgrade, please contact us.
      • Fully compatible with DNN7
      • New results template interface that lets the user edit all templates in the UI
      • Based on Aricie.Shared 1.7: you must install Aricie.Shared 1.7 previous to installing LuceneSearch 1.7. Previous versions of Aricie.Shared will trigger an error during LuceneSearch v1.7
    • [1.6.2]
      • Results are now configured to filter result depending on the user's DNN permissions by default
      • Fix : the search panel is correctly hidden depending on the configuration
      • Fix: the auto-complete search on a child portal no longer returns the results from the parent portal.
      • Fix: the backing fields that are not supposed to be seen by the user in the Search Behavior tab are now hidden
    • [1.6.1]
      • Corrects initialization of indexing folder at module start
      • Default settings changed: search is not launched automatically without user input
      • Default settings changed: when activated, the autocomplete tries to inject the jQuery.UI javascript and css it needs by default
    • [1.6.0]
      • Improved configuration UI: configuration screens have been reorganized and display contextual settings depending on your choices
      • Bugfixes: Sorting and paging improved on both template and grid mode
      • Speed optimisation on indexation
    • [1.5.3]
      • Stop words managed by autocomplete engine
      • Show content only during their validity period (ie hide expired articles for DNN Article
      • Results update on new search
      • Indexation logs
      • Updated provider for Document Exchange 6
    • [1.5.2]
      • Compatibility with DotNetNuke 6
      • Autocomplete added to the LuceneSearch skin object
      • Configuration interface streamlined in asynchronous loading tabs
    • [1.5.1]
      • Module settings organized in Jquery Tabs => enhanced user experience