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Distributed Caching Provider

Personalize your cloud on DNN

What is it ?

Cache booster

Got a webfarm with several instances of DNN running ? Distributed Caching provider (DCP) helps you make the most of your DNN installation through intelligent caching. Your multiple DNN instances can share cached information throughout the cloud. Tightly integrated with DNN, DCP lightens the load on servers and allows them to benefit from each other’s workload.

Auto-learning mode

Distributed Caching Provider can learn by itself to optimize your cache management and gain performance ! Whatever is stored in the cache, DCP will find the best way to optimize delivery and response. You have a webfarm and want to make the most of it? You want to customize your caching strategy without spending ages on configuration issues? Aricie's Distributed Caching is made for you.

Make your own experience for 30 days with the trial version. And have your webfarm perform like never before !


  • Auto-learning mode

    Let the module learn on its own how your webfarm functions. It will propose caching strategies that apply specifically to your website. Predictive caching, grouped objects, serialization mode... Just let DCP work it out for you.

    • Collect timing measurements in the DNN event log
    • Compute statistics from the event logs
    • Perform an analysis on computed statistics
    • Update the configuration using the analysis outcomes
  • Statistics and reporting

    Want to know how the cache is used at a glance? Check out the visual representation and access every detail of the cache usage.

  • Strategy-based optimization

    Every object can have a specific strategy. You can either use the default “conservative” strategy or create your own for a specific part of the website.

  • Storage customization

    DCP doesn’t simply keep information inside the cloud. It allows you - or the auto-learning engine - to specify the best way to manage storage by exposing the configuration to serialization options and compression.

  • Object grouping

    One part of your website always gets the same bundle of data? You can optimize your cache by fetching all the data in one round trip to the cloud. Just let the auto-learning mode propose clever object grouping. Or define your own through DCP’s administration.

  • Supported distributed caching

    What’s more, DCP emulates functionalities between the distributed caches. Want to benefit from Memcached’s performances with Appfabric’s features? DCP lets you do this.

  • Asynchronous Engine

    Low priority threaded task queues run all the secondary operations in the background (synchronization, cloud maintenance etc.) so that performances of your farm keep optimum.

  • Other features
    • Optimistic & Pessimistic concurrency (what is it?)
    • I-Portable
    • Locale management
    • Free online support
    • Documentation with step-by-step process


  • DNN 7.4 to 9.4
  • Latest Aricie Libraries
  • A Distributed Caching cluster up and running with hosts available from the web server

Release notes

    • [1.0.2]
      • Updating to AppFabric 1.1
    • [01.00.01]
      • First draft + trial version