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PageFlip demo

Turn your contents into a best seller

  • Flip books using Html 5 for mobile-friendly flipbooks. Requires TurnJS library version 4.
  • Flash mode is also available
  • Import pictures one by one -> Page manager
  • Import multiple pictures at once -> Bulk import
  • Import PDF files
  • Unlimited books on a page
  • Unlimited pages in a book
  • Flip pages manually for an intuitive user-experience
  • Customize book dimensions and margins
  • Resize contents to fit the book
  • Set background image and color (supports PNG transparency)
  • Set flipping speed
  • Add flipping sounds
  • Add navigation toolbar
  • Mosaic view
  • Print book
  • Hard cover option
  • Localized books (one book per locale)
  • Free online support
  • Documentation with step-by-step process