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An introduction to PageFlip


Aricie.PageFlip creates interactive books where you can perform flip of pages and many other intuitive actions on virtual books. In one page, you can insert images and flash animations. A book can be in several languages and manages PDF import. This module is compliant with DNN latest versions.





Download and make sure you have the flash plugin installed. If not, you will be invited to download it when installing the module.

Connect as Host on your portal. Go to "Modules" in the Host menu.

Click "Install new module". Select and click Install.

Go to the right page, select Aricie.PageFlip and click Add to install the module on your page.

Portal Settings

Connected as Host on your DNN portal, go to "Host Settings".

In the Advanced Parameters section, make sure File Upload Extensions have JPG, PNG, MP3 and SWF extensions.

Click Save.


In the book, contents can be downloaded one by one or all together in a ZIP file.

Data are stored in an XML configuration file wichi you can export easily.

Maximum size of a book is 2000px*2000px

You can zoom on a page and use other options on the Toolbar: Previous/Next page, Zoom, Print, Mosaic view, Download... Options can be edited independently.

Book Settings

Settings are specific to a book, which means you can install several books on a page with different configurations.



General Settings

  • Width of pages: in pixels
  • Height of pages: in pixels
  • Margin Left and Right: in pixels. Extra spaces around the book.
  • Margin Top and Bottm: in pixels. Extra space around the book.
  • Hard Cover: hard covers for pages 1, 2, N-1 and N

Toolbar Settings

  • Display Toolbar: toolbar and buttons visible: Download, Zoom, Print, Flip forward, Flip backwards, Mosaic view...
  • Space between Toolbar and Book: in pixels. A negative value will put the toolbar above the book.
  • Link a File to the Book: initially created to allow your users to download the book in PDF format, you can further link the file of your choice. This file will be downloaded by the user when clicking on Download button
  • Diplay Print: Print button visible and send image to the printer
  • Display Flip buttons: Flip Forward and Flip Backwards buttons visible
  • Display Thumbnails: display an extra buton for showing the whole book in thumbnail format. User can click on a thumbnail to see the page in normal format
  • Allow Zoom: allow users to see Large file if it exists. Zoom button visible (only for pages with zoom file. See Book management.)

Background Settings

  • Background color: value of CSS attribute background-color of the DIV element containing the animation. Possible values:
    • HTML colors: White, Blue, Red, Green, Black...
    • Special colors: Transparent, None...
    • RVB colors (#ffffff, #c0c0c0...)
  • Background image: Select an image for the background. Next 3 parameters are specific to this image.
  • Horizontal position: for more information, go to
  • Vertical position: for more information, go to
  • Background repeat: for more information, go to

Sound Settings

Use sounds: sounds displayed at different steps when you turn a page (MP3 files)

  • Start sound: sound played when you start flipping a page
  • End sound: sound played when a page is flipped
  • Tear off sound: sound played when a page is torn off

Image Settings

  • Auto Resizing to normalize pagesize: allows you to use larger and smaller images from the width and height defined.
  • Allow image transparency: allows special effects with PNG transparency.


  • Width of zoom area: in pixels. Large file can be larger than zoom area.
  • Height of zoom area: in pixels. Large file can be higher than zoom area.
  • Speed of mouse traveling: in frames. Speed of the page movement when the Large File is larger than the Zoom area.

Thumbnail Settings

  • Enable Thumbnails: display book images in a mosaic of small images
  • Display Thumbnails for each page side
  • Display thumbnails for facing pages: display Cover thumbnails.
  • Margin: distance between 2 thumbnails in the mosaic
  • Padding: distance between mosaic and border
  • Border width: in pixels
  • Boder color: color of border around thumbnails
  • Border highlight color: Hexadecimal border color when the mouse is hover

Advanced Settings

  • Use a large cover:  Enable this setting if you want cover pages to be larger than normal pages of the book. If this setting is enabled, you must use SWF files for cover pages. Read the documentation on for more details.
  • Enable flipping: enabled by default. Allows to flip pages manually. Pages can also be flipped automatically by actionscript code contained in SWF pages (Flash)
  • Enable mouse flip: allow the pages to be flipped using the mouse click event
  • Allow to flip a non-loaded page: allow to flip a page which is loading
  • Min loaded pages before authorized flip: number of pages loaded before oar after the viewed page (3 by default)
  • Size of click area: in pixels. Dimension of the diagonal of the area you click to turn a page (manual flipping)
  • Size of auto-flip area: dimension of the area you click to flip a page (automatic flipping)
  • Speed of auto-flip area: number of frames from 1 to 100 used in a page turn. 1 = Fast. 100 = Slow.
  • Speed of page flipping: Number of frames from 1 to 100 used when a page is turned. 1 = Fast. 100 = Slow.
  • Speed of mouse pursuit: Number of frames from 1 to 100 used in the auto animation when the mouse pass hover the Click area. 1 = Fast. 100 = Slow.
  • Speed of page when released: number of frames from 1 to 100 displayed when you flip a page with mouse. 1 = Fast. 100 = Slow.
  • Distance to tear a page: in pixels. Dimension of the diagonal between the corner and the tear point
  • Angle of the hard cover flip: in degrees. Value used in the hard cover page turn. Default value: -30

When your book is properly configured, you can start adding pages. You can also modify configuration once pages are loaded.

Import ZIP or a PDF file

The module makes it easy to import contents from a ZIP or a PDF file. Once the file is selected, just click Save. The book is automatically generated with pages and contents.

The ZIP file holds:

  • Contents: pages, Zoom pages, sounds, backgrounds etc...
  • XML file: configuration of the book: Book.xml

Page management

This is where you manage pages (content, order, zoom...) of your book.