The DNN Expert for your web project
An introduction to Lucene Search

Enter a word in the Search box - a dynamic object integrated to your skin - of this page.

Autocomplete Aricie

The autocomplete instantly provides suggestions in a default templated window. The more you type, the more accurate the suggestions as the engine dynamically calculates the possible matches.


Click any result to access the corresponding content on the portal.

Click the magnifying glass to narrow down your search and get to the Advanced search interface.


Customize the Search Assistant

Select the modules to index and how to group items together. Here articles (from DNNArticle) and text (from Text/Html) are grouped under the Page(s) & Article(s) section.


Customize the advanced search layout

Customize the search interface - you can even hide it if you want. Edit labels using the DNN resources for your multilingual portals.


Customize the results layout

Many options to personalize the result interface. Pager, Print button, number of results & pages indicator, a specific template for each type of results... 

LuceneSearch layouts